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AQ 100 – a complete solution for arc flash protection

Arcteq’s AQ 100 series offers a complete solution for arc flash protection focusing on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. The devices are built for a single purpose: to provide effective protection for low-voltage or medium-voltage applications.

Our arc flash protection provide you with…

  • the ultimate protection for both personnel and equipment.
  • a more effective solution in lieu of the more expensive arc-resistant switchgear.
  • a solution that is suitable for installations in any environment: from utilities and power plants to heavy industry applications (offshore, marine, mining, etc.) as well as commercial and institutional electrical systems.
  • an excellent candidate for both new and retrofit installations.

The AQ 100 series arc flash protection relays provide trip times of 2…7 ms. When combined with a fast-acting circuit breaker, a total clearing time of 5 to 8 cycles is achieved. Protection schemes can be based solely on an arc light signal or on arc light and overcurrent signals occurring simultaneously. You can also apply a pressure condition to tripping as well with our innovative light and pressure point sensor.

Additionally, Arcteq provides Standard Arc Schemes (AQ-SAS™) for various typical switchgear layouts. These pre-engineered, fully tested, and fully documented protection schemes with standard wiring and settings ensure correct operation in all conditions.

Adding an arc quenching device (AQD) to the system further limits the arcing time. When an AQD receives a triggering signal from a connected AQ 100 series device it creates a low-impedance path for the fault current. The arc is transferred to the quenching device, extinguishing it within 4-5 ms from its initiation. All Arcteq AQDs are also resettable which allows for system testing and multiple uses in arc flash incidents.

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Improve security through simplicity

The main purpose of arc flash protection in a substation is to protect both personnel and equipment from the consequences of an arc fault. Arc flash faults are the most devastating types of faults known in power distribution systems. They can cause life-threatening injuries as well as severe equipment damage, leading to time-consuming repairs and extended power outages.

The reliability of the AQ 100 series is based on our unbeatable experience in the field of arc protection. Our unique Standard Arc Schemes ensure correct operation under all conditions and minimize the risk of setting errors. Operating the devices does not require any configuration software and all operations happen via a single button. All our solutions are designed and tested according to the highest protection relay and arc flash standards, such as IEC TR 61641 and UL 2748. When an arc burns, there is no room for mistakes!

Maximum safety and minimum process downtime

    • With a resettable quenching device the total arc fault clearance time is less than 4–5 ms.
    • Arcing time of a quarter of a cycle guarantees low incident energy levels.

Save time and money

    • Faster engineering with Standard Arc Schemes.
    • Faster commissioning, single-button configuration, clear LED signals, no software needed.

We have built the AQ 100 series to meet the growing demands in both low-voltage and medium-voltage switchgear and controlgear applications, and it ranges from basic stand-alone devices to more complex system solutions.

You will find more information about the solutions in our product catalog. Dive deeper into built-in circuit breaker failure protection, built-in lockout, and to many other exclusive product details!

Benefits of arc flash protection

Arc flash protection helps to minimize the safety risks for employees. It can also prevent significant accidents. Even if damaged areas and equipment can be replaced, the repairs can be multiple times more costly than an arc flash protection solution. Additionally, operations may need to be shut down completely for long periods of time which causes additional costs.

Luckily, these accidents are rare, but foregoing arc flash protection is like a company car without seat belts or airbags. A fuse alone is not enough, and working conditions must be secured in all circumstances. High-class arc flash protection also enables better working conditions for everyday operations. Your staff can reduce their personal protective equipment levels while still working close to substations more freely and with peace of mind.

As more regulations and mandatory certificates require arc flash protection, many leading corporations and operations are relying on our solutions. No competitive technology can offer the same level of security as our AQ 100 series, but we can also offer a competitive advantage. With our products and customizable solutions, you can minimize the risk of arc flash burns, lengthen your installation’s lifetime, and provide a safer and more efficient working environment for your employees.

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Offering industry-leading customer service

We are an independent, family-owned company with a focus on protection relays and arc flash protection systems. We are an agile companion with reliable delivery times, and all our products are manufactured in our headquarters in Vaasa, Finland. We operate with the best local partners, with whom we can guarantee transparency and flexibility throughout the entire process.

About us:

  • Over 50,000 protection devices and 100,000 arc flash sensors installed in more than 50 countries all over the globe.
  • Sales and support in continents through our own offices and through partners around the world.
  • One of the fastest growing companies in global protection and control business.
  • Part of Ensto Group, an international family business, bound by a common purpose: making better life with electricity. Sustainably.

We invest heavily in continuous research and product development to address the challenges raised by the changes in power grid technology and sustainable energy systems. Our mission is to help enable the safe and reliable supply of energy by enhancing power system protection.

In addition to high-quality products we are committed to providing our customers industry-leading support and service. Our average after-sales response time is under two hours. We can also offer a quick response to development requests – with us three years can be cut down to one.


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Make a greener choice and extend the safer working life of your installation

Our solutions are often used in retrofit installations. This allows our customers to maintain their existing infrastructure while prolonging its life and upgrading to function more safely. The process is also much faster and far more inexpensive than replacing the entire switchgear lineup.

With our arc flash protection system and resettable arc quenching system you can prolong the lifetime of an existing substation by 10–20 years. You will also ramp up your personnel’s safety, and have access to our secure maintenance support and spare parts stock.

If you are investing in a new installation, our solutions can help you get the benefits of high-quality arc flash protection right from the beginning. We will help you find the best solution for your needs!



Arcteq protects Taiwan’s longest tunnel

Arcteq’s scope of supply includes busbar protection, three winding transformer protection, and Feeder protection IEDs to protect, control, and provide accurate measurements on the tunnel’s power distribution feeders.

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