AQ-F213 Feeder protection devices


The AQ-F213 feeder protection devices provide optimal performance for medium-voltage (main) or high-voltage (back-up) protection, control, and monitoring applications. AQ-F213 integrates protection, control, monitoring, measuring, communication, and extensive diagnostics information in one compact package. The devices have a fully modular hardware construction with 3 empty I/O slots. This gives it a high level of flexibility as you can simply plug in additional I/O or communication modules according to application needs.

The best characteristic of AQ-F213 is its modularity: you can have the basic device (AQ-F213A) in storage until you know exactly the kind of functionality its use will require. Then, you only need the necessary modules and a new script to make it into the variant required by your application.

The development of the AQ-F213 feeder protection device uses the latest available technologies, which provides protection engineers with more options and a completely new dimension to protection. The device has many features which guarantee its maximum usability. These include the highly customizable graphic interface, the ability to store PDF files and other supportive documents, and extensive user log information. Additionally, the powerful configuration and setting software tools are easy configure and free of charge.

We offer five (5) variants of the AQ-F213 feeder protection device: A-E. Below you can find a general description for each variant, and compare them to find what fits you the best.


  • Low-impedance restricted earth fault protection.
  • Harmonics protection and control.
  • A 5-shot scheme-controlled auto-recloser.

AQ-F213 variants:

AQ-F213A includes all the basic feeder protections. It has an excellent price–performance ratio.

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AQ-F213B includes all the basic feeder protections as well as the IEC 61850 communication protocol (1st Edition).

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AQ-F213C includes…

  • basic feeder protections,
  • directional earth fault protection,
  • voltage protections, and
  • IEC 61850 (1st Edition)̅

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AQ-F213D includes advanced feeder protections as well as the fault locator functionality.

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AQ-F213E has full feeder functionality.

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aq-f213a-application-drawings-v100 IEC
aq-f213a-application-drawings-v100 IEC

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