Arcteq provides a comprehensive range of services to its customers
through its own skilled staff and a global network of partners.

Arcteq’s engineering services can provide a wide range of electrical engineering simulations and analyses to ensure high reliability, and they can build customized protection settings that will fit your system like a glove.

Our expertise covers all applications related to high-voltage and medium-voltage equipment, such as transformers, transmission and distribution lines, generators, motors, capacitors, and reactors. We can provide protection relays with customized settings to fit your requirements.

Configuration and commissioning services

  • Protection relay configuration according to provided data (the turnkey solution)
  • Protection relay commissioning at the site
  • Arc protection system design
  • Arc protection commissioning at the site

Our services can include everything from the selection of a suitable protection device to the setting and commissioning of the whole system. We use the latest commercially available software like PSCAD, ETAP and MATLAB. Additionally, we use calculation programs built by us and specifically tailored to Arcteq relays. For commissioning we use Omicron with the added capability for line differential testing with GPS synchronized test sets.

Training courses

  • Power system protection training
  • Arc protection systems training
  • Arcteq product oriented training

Training courses can be organized both in-house and at the site of your choosing.

Power system simulations

  • PSCAD/EMTDC – electrical network transient analyses
  • ETAP – load flow analysis, voltage drop calculation, short circuit analyses (ANSI & IEC)
  • ETAP – cable ampacity and sizing based on IEEE, NEC, and ICEA standards
  • ETAP – cable capacity, sizing, and shock protection according to the IEC 60502 and IEC 60364 standards
  • ETAP – protective device coordination and sequence-of-operation
  • ETAP – arc flash hazard calculations according to the IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E standards
  • ETAP – transformer sizing and tap optimization
  • MATLAB/Simulink – system studies and controller modelling
  • RTP (Real Time Playback simulator) – hardware tests with simulated data
  • Short-circuit analyses and protection setting calculations

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