AQ-F201 Overcurrent and earth fault device


The AQ-F201 overcurrent and earth fault device offers a compact solution for any application that requires non-directional overcurrent and earth fault protections. AQ-F201 has a selection of supportive functions for protection, measurement, monitoring, control and communication as well as a large and programmable HMI, which guarantee the best price–performance ratio in basic relays.


  • Basic range.
  • Price–performance ratio.

Technical data

  • Non-directional overcurrent (I>; 50/51) - 3 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Non-directional earth fault (I0>; 50N/51N) - 3 stages (INST, DT or IDMT)
  • Negative sequence overcurrent/ Phase current reversal/ Current unbalance (I2>; 46/46R/46L)
  • Harmonic overcurrent (Ih>; 50H/51H/68H)
  • Circuit breaker failure protection (CBFP; 50BF/52BF)
  • Line thermal overload (TF>; 49F)

  • Number of objects to control and monitor: 1
  • Number of setting groups: 8
  • Cold load pick-up
  • Switch-on-to-fault

  • Phase, sequence and residual currents (IL1, IL2, IL3, I01, I02)
  • Current transformer supervision
  • Circuit breaker wear monitoring
  • Total harmonic distortion (current)
  • Measurement recorder
  • Measurement value recorder
  • Event recorder (max. 15 000 permanent event records)
  • Disturbance recorder (max. 100 records á 5 seconds at 3.2 kHz sampling)

  • Current inputs: 5
  • Digital inputs (fixed): 3
  • Digital outputs (fixed): 5

  • Communication inputs
  • RJ-45 100 Mbps Ethernet (front panel, fixed)
  • RJ-45 100 Mbps Ethernet and RS-485 (rear panel, fixed)
  • Communication protocols
  • IEC 60870-5-101/104
  • IEC 60870-5-103
  • Modbus/RTU and Modbus/TCP
  • DNP3
  • SPA

  • AX007 External 6-channel 2-/3-wire RTD input module (pre-configured)
  • AX008 External 8-channel thermocouple and mA input module (pre-configured)
  • AX009 Raising frame (87 mm)
  • AX010 Raising frame (40 mm)
  • AX011 Combiflex frame
  • AX012 Wall mounting bracket

Additional material

Application Drawing

An application image for AQ-F201 feeder protection device, with one version drawn according to IEC standard symbols and the other according to IEEE/ANSI standard symbols.

Device Rear Image

Device rear image_AQ-201

Device and Cut-out Image

AQ-210 dimensions and cut-out

Order Code

Order code_F201

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