AQtivate PRO substation monitoring


The AQtivate PRO substation monitoring software offers a true plug-and-play solution for controlling and managing Arcteq’s innovative AQ 200 series devices. The scalability in AQtivate PRO makes it suitable for a variety of applications. The software can be applied as a cost-efficient, permanent substation HMI or as a protection maintenance and back-up control system. AQtivate PRO supports mobile applications and can be installed on laptop computers for portable substation management solutions. AQtivate PRO substation monitoring reduces life cycle costs for project engineering and commissioning as well as for normal substation use.

The benefits of AQtivate PRO:

  • Total substation management solution.
  • Faster engineering by drag-and-dropping device configuration and .cid files.
  • an aid for commissioning troubleshooting as well as event and alarm lists.
  • Faster fault analysis.
  • Automatic disturbance recorder downloads.
  • Automatic updating of engineering files from substations.
  • Allows for remote setting and fault register access.
  • An optional back-up or primary control and status indication.
  • Displays measurement trends.

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