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Arcteq’s continuous development with sensor technology has resulted in the widest range of sensors on the market today. There is a sensor for each application, no matter whether it is a small area monitored by point sensors, or a large area monitored by fiber optic sensors. All sensors are fully supervised.


101006 AQ sensors

Fiber loop sensors

Arcteq has developed different types of arc sensors that are usable with different AQ 100 series […]

Sensors AQ-01_AQ-02

Point sensors

Arcteq has developed different types of arc sensors that can be used with different AQ 100 […]

Arc flash comparison

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We provide a comprehensive range of services through our own skilled staff and a global network of partners.



A four-day product training at Vaasa Headquarters

To ensure that users of Arcteq products have the needed know-how to securely work with the devices, we organise comprehensive product trainings twice a year at our headquarters in Vaasa. This week it was time for another training.

Arcteq seminar 2023 Vaasa-70

Meet our partners: Pavel Novák, Czech Republic

Meet Pavel Novák, our partner from Czech Republic who already has a long history together with Arcteq. His company EL-INSTA ENERGO s.r.o. sells Arcteq’s products not only throughout the Czech Republic but also to neighbouring countries.