AQ-AST-02 Arc sensor tester
AST-02 arc sensor tester kit
AST-02 arc sensor tester kit


The AQ-AST-02 arc sensor tester allows for the field-testing of AQ-02 point sensors when conducting commissioning tests of a complete arc protection system. The tester helps to confirm that the system is wired and installed correctly by following the system’s signal propagation.


  • Activates either locally (with the injector included in the test kit) or externally with third-party testing equipment.
  • Tests the correct operation of the circuit breaker failure protection function.
  • Is compatible with all AQ 100 series host units in both low-voltage and medium-voltage applications.
AST-02 arc sensor tester kit

Technical data

  • One (1) waterproof protective field case
  • One (1) control unit
  • One (1) injector
  • One (1) signal and pressure cable
  • One (1) auxiliary power cable
  • One (1) pressure pump with a hose

  • Auxiliary voltage input range: 80...265 V AC/DC
  • Pressure activation level range: 0.05...0.15 MPa
  • Maximum external input activation time: 1,000.00 ms

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