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Arc flash devices (medium-voltage)

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Medium-voltage arc flash devices

Arcteq’s AQ 100 series offers a complete solution for arc flash protection. The AQ 100 product line is designed using top-of-the-line technology, with a focus on simplicity while maintaining both flexibility and function. The series is built to meet the growing demands in MV switchgear and controlgear applications with pre-designed and built-in application schemes, which range from basic stand-alone devices to more complex system solutions.


Medium-voltage arc flash devices

Arc flash comparison

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The product video for AQ-103 arc flash protection device: a short animation of the device’s functionality.

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Arc protection is expected to be fast and reliable. The arc protection series AQ 100 is living up to these requirements through a simple and powerful design. One part of this design is the standard configuration concept, which enables you to configure even a complicated system by flipping a few DIP switches. Sales Manager Xiaoming Ni will explain to you how this is achieved.

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AQ-101 arc flash protection device

Product Manager for Arc Protection Mikko Manninen explains the outstanding new features of AQ-103 and its communication protocol which sends fault information to an AQ-S254 alarm annunciator and even further on to the control center.

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How to secure both the critical power supply and the safety of personnel working with switchgear that is not arc-resistant? In this webinar Managing Director Juha Arvola gives a case study of Stora Enso’s pulp and paper mill in Anjala where the goal was to prolong the lifetime of their 1976 substation by retrofitting circuit breakers and protection relays, as well as by installing a resettable arc quenching device. With the arc energy levels close to zero, they have now secured both their personnel and critical power supply for the next couple of decades.

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AQ-1000 Arc quenching device

Product Manager for Arc Protection Mikko Manninen gives an overview of arc flash standards, with a special look at the new IEC 60947-9-1 active arc fault mitigation systems standard and how it pertains to the AQ-1000 arc quenching device.

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