Bay Control

Bay control

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Bay control

Our bay control devices are designed for demanding control applications. The devices come supplied with full current, voltage, power, and energy measurement capabilities. The input and output capabilities can be extended with additional option cards.


Bay control

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Arcteq has developed the communication tool AQwire which is very handy when configuring, for example, the IEC 61850 communication protocol in a protection relay. Application Engineer Raj Kumar explains how to use this tool in a real environment, and how to test the communication of all communication protocols available in AQ 200 products.

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Application Engineer Niko Muotio explains how to use both the basic and the more advanced features of the mimic editor in AQ-25x protection devices. These features include adding and editing items, images and text, as well as adding control functionalities and measurements to items. You will also learn how to manage multiple mimics with a single device.

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Customer Service Manager Joni Leppilahti gives an introduction to relay communication with the IEC 61850 communication protocol with GOOSE. He also demonstrates how to configure the protocol and GOOSE for an AQ 200 series device, and how to test the configuration with Arcteq’s AQwire communication tool.

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The video for the AQ-25x product line, describing the many functionalities in the devices.

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Arcteq protects Taiwan’s longest tunnel

Arcteq’s scope of supply includes busbar protection, three winding transformer protection, and Feeder protection IEDs to protect, control, and provide accurate measurements on the tunnel’s power distribution feeders.

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