AQ-F255 Feeder protection devices


The AQ-F255 feeder protection devices offer a modular feeder protection and control solution for applications that require a large I/O capacity. You can add up to 11 I/O or communication modules into the device for extensive monitoring and control applications. The AQ-F255 feeder protection device communicates using various protocols, including the IEC 61850 substation communication standard.

We offer four (4) variants of the AQ-F255 feeder protection device: A, R, S, and V.


  • Double busbar control.
  • A large I/O capacity.
  • Current-based and voltage-based protections.
  • Cable-end differential protection.
  • Low-impedance restricted earth fault protection.
  • Harmonics protection and control.
  • A 5-shot scheme-controlled auto-recloser.
  • Power and energy measurement accuracy of up to 0.2 %.

AQ-F255 variants:

AQ-F255A has full feeder functionality.

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AQ-F255R includes…

  • full feeder functionality,
  • special object for phase-specific tripping, and
  • recloser control.

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AQ-F255S includes full feeder functionality as well as the synchronizer function.

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AQ-F255V includes…

  • full feeder functionality,
  • automatic voltage regulator, and
  • transformer module.

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