A brief look at our most essential innovations

At Arcteq we design and manufacture the most accurate power grid protection in the world. We work hard every day to ensure that we are always one step ahead of our competitors.



Intermittent earth fault protection

Underground cabling makes distribution networks less vulnerable against disturbances, but it also leads to higher earth fault currents and difficult intermittent earth faults. Here is Arcteq’s patented solution for this problem.

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Generator and Motor Commander

The Generator and Motor Commander is a unique innovation combining machine protection and machine control into a single unit. The Commander is ideal for any power plant or industrial application that require both protection and control of generators or motors.

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Broad-range multi-criteria earth fault protection

The operation of the new broad-range mode covers both ungrounded and compensated networks, and it is equipped with additional multi-criteria detection for compensated networks to increase protection reliability.

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Resettable arc quenching device for MV and LV applications

The AQ-1000 arc quenching device extinguishes an arc fault in 5 ms by creating a low-impedance path for the fault current. The arc quenching device absorbs up to 100 kA for 200 ms.

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Cable-end differential protection

Compensated cable-end differential protection is a proactive solution to small earth leakage currents that most commonly cause cable-end faults. Thanks to natural unbalance compensation this function can alarm correctly even on extremely small differential currents.

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Ultra-accurate measurement technology

The AQ 200 series is equipped with an 0.2S measurement accuracy. Our patented feature makes measurement accuracy independent from frequency changes between 6…75 Hz.

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Disturbance recorder and documenting power quality

The disturbance recorder in AQ 200 series devices has a high-capacity and fully digital recorder integrated to into the protection relays. The maximum sample rate of the recorder’s analog channels is 64 samples per cycle. The memory capacity in AQ 200 series devices allows for up to 100 non-volatile records with a total of 500 one-second recordings with a full sample rate and a maximum number of recorded channels.

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