Years ahead looking bright for Arcteq

Greetings everyone

When writing this we have just closed yet another very successful year. Our strong and profitable growth continues – and for the second year in a row at above 30 % rate. The solid technology foundation built over the years continues to carry us firmly. We are growing in several market and customer segments, and with our both product lines: the most accurate protection relays, and arc flash protections by the pioneer, including our quenching devices that can be tested and re-activated to take care of the next arc flash.

In the ever energy hungrier world electrical safety is vital and we want to do our part to help protect human life and minimize damage on equipment.

I would like to share a few more Arcteq Relays highlights from 2023 with you:

The year of investments in our future

We invested heavily in the production systems, production area and manpower expansion. This triples our capacity, further shortens the already great lead times, and paves the way for our ambitious growth targets. And most importantly, we managed to recruit the needed talents to the Arcteq Team. Heartly welcome to all new Arcteq Team members!

New products and features

The recent releases have greatly widened the scope we can offer to our customers. I would like to recommend checking the goodies we brought to you in our flagship AQ 250 series of protection relays. And we are in a verge of some very exciting new product releases. So, stay tuned, as the new revolutionary and patented line protections and new arc flash protection.

Long term growth as part of Ensto Group

The first two years as a member of the Ensto family have proven that the natural step of joining Ensto Group move was right for our long-term growth strategy. Two companies’ strategies and values are a match. The ongoing group level strategy refinement sharpens the path on both organic and non-organic growth even further. The years ahead of us do look very bright indeed!

My sincere appreciation to our staff, customers, partners and to everyone who contributes to our success. Let’s keep enhancing the power system protection together!

In Vaasa, Finland, February 2024

Juha Arvola

Managing Director
Arcteq Relays Ltd.