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New protection and control features including more powerful automatic voltage regulator released in AQ 250 series

Arcteq’s flagship protection relay series AQ 250 has been enhanced with a range of new features and functions.

  • The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) can now handle up to four parallel transformers in a group based on the minimum circulating current principle or master-follower principle
  • Power factor controller for controlling up to five capacitor banks to optimize network conditions
  • Voltage protection device including also load shedding applications and synchronizer functionality
  • Pole slip protection for generator and motor applications
  • New motor wizard with tutorials for thermal overload protection setting calculations

Flexible solutions for voltage regulation

AQ 250 series supports several control modes for voltage regulation. The AVR functionality can handle up to four parallel or independent transformers in a group based on the minimum circulating current principle or master-follower principle. A smart GOOSE based plug&play messaging configuration is used to simplify the commissioning.

Voltage regulation in parallel transformer configuration. Based on the direction and amplitude of circulating current each relay regulates the tap changer of its transformer and minimizes circulating current. The direction of the circulating current is shown on the HMI of the relay (the graph on the right side of the image).

AVR can be integrated in the AQ-T257 transformer protection devices. It is also available in AQ-F255 feeder protection and AQ-S255 bay management devices. This allows voltage regulation to be separated from the main transformer protection, while the feeder protection relay provides the needed back-up protection functions.

More information: AQ-T257 | AQ-F255V | AQ-S255

Power factor control for the keeping an eye on reactive power

AQ-C255 now features power factor controller that can control up to five capacitor banks to adjust installed reactive power and to improve the power factor when needed. Its operation and performance are not affected by electrical harmonics.

The power factor controller is available in automatic and manual modes and can function even when several capacitor banks are under maintenance.

The large I/O capacity of AQ 250 series allows the power factor controller function to be integrated in a single device with capacitor bank protection and control functions (up to four banks), or with voltage protection (for up to five banks). A dedicated power factor controller variant is also available.

More information: AQ-C255

Powerful Voltage protection for substations

The AQ-V251 voltage protection device includes both voltage and frequency protection as well as powerful logic programming. This together with the large I/O capacity makes this device ideal for demanding load shedding and when synchronization of generator and power grid voltages is required.

More information: AQ-V251

Pole slip protection

In severe fault situations losing synchronism can lead to pole slipping. This can cause significant damage on generators. To prevent this from happening, AQ 250 series generator protection devices are now equipped with pole slip protection. Pole slip protection is also available for motor and transformer protection devices.

More information: Generator protection and control | AQ-M257

Power of wizard for parameterizing thermal overload in motor applications

The AQtivate 200 configuration and parameter setting tool now features automated setting calculation for thermal overload protection in motor protection. Just add the motor data from your motor supplier in the motor wizard and the tool takes care of the rest.

More information: AQtivate 200 | White paper about the motor wizard

About AQ 250 series

The AQ 250 series protects and controls a large variety of applications, including demanding applications that require comprehensive functionality and a possibility to add more I/O modules or expanding communication capabilities. With AQ 250 series, generator and transformer protection can be managed with high functional integration and less hardware, which makes the protection system more reliable, cost-efficient and easier to maintain. The free of charge AQtivate 200 configuration and parameter setting tool allows you to adjust the functionalities to match the application needs. All AQ 250 series devices support IEC 61850 Edition 2, along with a wide range of other communication protocols.