Arcteq’s new 250 series protection relays to protect three new substations

Arcteq supplied the protection relays for VEO’s three projects for the electric utility company Vaasan Sähköverkko.

The joint project involving three substations is an impressive demonstration of the successful collaboration between Arcteq and VEO. Arcteq designs and develops protection and control products for electricity distribution and transmission networks, while VEO provides automation and electrification solutions for energy production, distribution, transmission, and consumption.


Sami Koskela – VEO Oy, Jesse Saastamoinen – Arcteq Relays Oy, Petter Södergran – Vaasan Sähköverkko Oy

Arcteq supplied the protection relays for VEO’s three projects for the electric utility company Vaasan Sähköverkko. All protection relays at the Torkkola and Ratikylä substations were modernized, which included the 110/20 kV protection relays, the main transformer protection relays as well as the voltage control. Additionally, VEO supplied the new Kuutamolahti standard substation building. The substation is equipped with 20 kV Vector machinery, assembled in Vaasa and containing Arcteq protection relays.
“For us, this is the beginning of an important collaboration with Vaasan Sähköverkko. We have completed similar projects with VEO before, both in Finland and abroad,” says Jesse Saastamoinen, Sales Manager at Arcteq.

More versatile protection with 250 series relays

Protection relays are designed to protect their network from disturbances and to provide information about substation events. This joint project involving three substations marked Arcteq’s first delivery of its new 250 series of relays for Vaasan Sähköverkko. VEO was eager to adopt Arcteq’s new, advanced relay series.
“The relays in the 250 series are more versatile than the relays in the previous generation. What is more, the relay looks more impressive, has a large screen, and can carry a large amount of data,” says Sami Koskela, Sales Manager at VEO.

The new generation of relays making energy networks more reliable

The company using the relays in their everyday operations is, of course, the one that benefits most from the new relays. In this case, the company is Vaasan Sähköverkko, which is tasked with designing, constructing, and maintaining transmission networks in its operating area in Western Finland.

According to System Manager Petter Södergran, the company was specifically looking to invest in new, more advanced relays because older relays function less and less reliably as their electronic components age.

Arcteq also organized training for the users of the new relays at Vaasan Sähköverkko. So far, the company is extremely satisfied with the usability of the 250 series’ relays.
“They are very modern, simple to use, and more versatile than previous relays. Whatever happens in the electric network, the relay records clear and comprehensive data entries about it,” Södergran explains.

Great collaboration springs from great service

VEO and Arcteq have been working together since Arcteq was formed in 2010. According to Sami Koskela from VEO, Arcteq’s services are always focused and they offer plenty of guidance whenever needed, and if there are any problems the two companies sort them out together in good spirit. As for Vaasan Sähköverkko, the company is happy to have the full package of local know-how and technology at its substations.
“This joint project is nothing less than a masterpiece, showcasing the expertise we have in Vaasa,” Södergran smiles.