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Arcteq protection relays in Swedish utility

Arcteq has installed Feeder Protection IEDs, Transformer Protection IEDs, arc protection units, and arc light sensors to Kalmar Energi H3 110/12kV substation.

Arcteq has installed 28 units of AQ F215 Feeder Protection IEDs and 2 units of AQ T352 Transformer Protection IEDs to Kalmar Energi H3 110/12kV substation. Arcteq supply also includes 26 pieces of AQ 100 arc protection units and 54 arc light sensors for a fully selective arc protection solution of the 12kV switchgear. All Arcteq IEDs communicate with a Netcon 500 substation controller using the IEC 61850 communication standard. Kalmar substation was energized in 2014.

Kalmar Energi is the southeastern Swedish region’s leading energy supplier. Kalmar Energi supplies Kalmar, Smedby, and Lindsdal with biomass-based local and district heating and is responsible for the electrical distribution throughout the Kalmar town district. Kalmar Energi sells electricity to over 30,000 customers in southeastern Sweden and provides parts of Kalmar with a district cooling and an optical fiber network. Kalmar Energi has annual sales of approximately 800 million SEK and some 100 employees.

AQ F215 Feeder Protection IED

AQ T352 Transformer Protection IED

AQ 100 arc protection system