Protection parameter design and relay configuration service

Protection parameter design and relay configuration service

Arcteq Relays Engineering services can provide a wide range of electrical engineering studies to ensure high reliability and custom build protection settings that will fit the system like a glove. Engineers doing the studies have combined knowledge and experience of protecting electrical systems for over 50 years.

Our expertise covers all applications related to high voltage and medium voltage equipment like transformers, transmission and distribution lines, generators, motors, capacitors, and reactors. We can provide the protection relays with customized settings to fit the need. Our services can include everything from the selection of a suitable protection device to the setting and commissioning of the system.

We are using the latest software commercially available like PsCad, ETAP, and MatLab additionally to the calculation programs built by us which are specifically tailored to Arcteq relays. For commissioning we are using Omicron with added capability for Line differential testing with GPS synchronized tests sets.

You will be provided with (depending on the study scope):

  • Technical information about your system under normal and fault conditions..
  • Reports highlighting problem areas.
  • Recommendations on solutions and equipment to system-wide problems.
  • Information on how and where energy is being used.
  • Reassurance of protective device setting and ratings.
  • Help to avoid damage and injuries.
  • Knowledge of the effects of harmonics and transients.