A four-day product training at Vaasa Headquarters

To ensure that users of Arcteq products have the needed know-how to securely work with the devices, we organise comprehensive product trainings twice a year at our headquarters in Vaasa. This week it was time for another training.

It was again the time of the year when we provide technical training to Arcteq users. For four days this week participants from Norway and Mexico learned all about AQ 100, AQ 210 and AQ 250 series products and tools – first in theory, then in practise.

Because we want to ensure that users of Arcteq products have the needed know-how to securely work with the devices, we organise this training twice a year for both arc flash protection and protection relay products and tools. Both our partners as well as end-users are warmly welcome to join us in Vaasa at our state-of-the-art facilities and training center equipped with the actual devices, simulators and test laboratories .

The program for the training

During the training participants dove in detail into the following topics:

  • AQ 100 Arc flash protection (including hands-on training with a real application)
  • AQ 200 and AQ 300 product overviews  
  • AQtivate 200 setting tool training (e.g. hardware setup, communication, fault register and recorder, and mimic)
  • AQ 21x/25x configuration training (independent tasks according to instructions)
  • Configuration of the AVR in AQ 250 (independent tasks according to instructions)
  • Motor thermal Wizard (New functionality in AQtivate 200) 
  • Transformer differential protection wizard
  • New features and products in AQ 250 series  
  • Communication protocols (e.g. IEC101/104 and Modbus Gateway)
  • Time synchronisation (NTP, PTP and IRIG-B)

It´s not just all work and no play

Wednesday evening was devoted to some fun activities in the Kvarken archipelago. Those brave enough were given a chance to jump in to the sea for a chilly dip – but they naturally had access to a hot sauna afterwards. Not to scare off anyone from joining in on the fun we provided also a warmer alternative: a nice warm water jacuzzi. And as a cherry on top, we enjoyed a great dinner together.

We want to give a big thanks to our guests and instructors for making this a successful week.

Want to participate in a training?

These technical trainings are open to all Arcteq partners and end-users, and​ are free of charge: participants only pay for the travel and accommodation. In case you missed the training this time, there will be another chance next Spring. Since there are limited amount of seats per training we recommend to register as soon as enrolment opens up. To stay in the loop, sign up for our newsletter below or follow us on LinkedIn.

And did you know that we also provide paid trainings at a site of your own choosing? Interested in learning more? Please contact us at