Västerås Yrkeshögskola

Great cooperation that benefits the future protection relay engineers

Arcteq Relays and Netcontrol Group joined a cooperation with the polytechnics Västerås Yrkeshögskola and Plushögskolan AB in Västerås, Sweden. Identical systems with protection IEDs from Arcteq and SCADA (Netcon500 OP, HMI) and communication systems from Netcontrol, have been delivered to both polytechnics. The systems will be used in the training of future protection relay engineers.

The Arcteq Feeder protection and Transformer protection IEDs are configured to protect and control the breakers and transformers in the system. The students can simulate faults, calculate and test setting values and selectivity plans for several network conditions. All activities are transmitted to the SCADA system with the IEC 61850 protocol.