Wednesday Webinar: Capacitor Bank Protection

Duration: approximately 25 minutes

Capacitor banks are commonly used to improve the quality of the electrical supply and the efficient operation of the power system. The main purpose of the capacitor installation is to provide capacitive compensations and power factor corrections. Arcteq dedicated capacitor bank protection relay provides protection, measurement, and supervision of capacitor banks used for the compensation of reactive power.

Arcteq capacitor bank protection relay provides an extensive range of capacitor connection selections. The specialty of the capacitor overload protection function gives the possibility to freely program the capacitor overload curve. In this webinar, you will learn about various capacitor bank connections, setting up overload curves & most important capacitor bank protection functions such as,

  • Capacitor bank overload protection (Icol>; 49OL)
  • Capacitor bank current unbalance protection (Iuc>; 46C)
  • Neutral current unbalance protection (CNU>; 50UB

The webinar presenter is Arcteq Application engineer, Mr. Raj Kumar.

The recording of the webinar can be viewed below or on Arcteq’s YouTube channel:

Watch the webinar