TPC product approval and certification test in Taiwan

Under the general environment of accelerating the transformation of Taiwan’s power system and tending to a smarter power grid, the communication integration and interoperability of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) are required to be more standardized and more efficient. The Taiwan Power Company (TPC) held an IEC 61850 IED interoperability test and a SCADA system integration test In November 2022.

An elite team composed of Arcteq Relays Ltd (Finland) and Baufarm Enterprise Enterprise Co., Ltd (Taiwan) demonstrated its high-level professional competence. During the 5-week approval test, Arcteq products AQ-F255 and AQ-S254 successfully passed the function tests of protection, measurement, object control, and clock synchronization protocols (NTP, PTP) and successfully achieved the interoperability test with other IED brands in the GOOSE publish and subscription service.

In the SCADA part of the test, Arcteq products have also completed interoperability service with as many as 11 SCADA software brands. During the approval test, Arcteq products were well received by personnel, including TPC Committee and competitors.

The TPC product approval and certification test is the project with the longest time span that I have personally experienced, which confirms that the insistence on the DSO sector business and the continuous efforts on product optimization are the correct strategies for Arcteq. The successful completion of the TPC project today is inseparable from the hard work of the entire Arcteq team, from the management to the technical team. Also, we must appreciate our excellent partner team, Baufarm Enterprise Co., Ltd, in Taiwan“, concludes Arcteq regional manager Xiaoming Ni.

TPC approval letter