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Meet our partners: Murali Radhakrishnan, Oman

This year Arcteq organized a sales meeting in Vaasa as May turned into June. About 40 representatives from different parts of the world participated in it. We gathered thoughts from some of the representatives who attended the meeting. Meet Murali from Oman.

The eager newcomer

Murali Radhakrishnan from Oman participated in Arcteq’s sales meeting for the first time. He found it interesting to get to know the Arcteq factory and the colleagues who represent Arcteq in other countries.

– It was good to get peer support and hear experiences from other channel partners. In general, they seem to be very satisfied with their cooperation with Arcteq, says Murali.

Murali’s company Fahad Maqbool Trading and Contracting LLC is a fairly recent channel partner in Arcteq’s sales network. He got to know Arcteq for the first time a couple of years ago at a fair in Dubai.

– Juha (CEO, Arcteq) was very knowledgeable and approachable, so the first meeting left a good impression, he recalls.

The same easiness has continued when communicating with Arcteq personnel even after Murali’s company started representing Arcteq products.

– Arcteq is flexible, cooperative and understands the customers’ needs. If necessary, we always get support for both technical matters and other activities. I was very happy to hear that also other Arcteq representatives think alike.

Fahad Maqbool Trading and Contracting LLC was awarded in the Arcteq Sales meeting 2023 as the Newcomer.