Hòa Bình Windfarm proceeds to Phase II with Arcteq relays

After successfully installing the Phase I protection devices for the Hòa Bình Windfarm station in Vietnam, Arcteq also obtained the Phase II project procurement and delivered all products to customers with the most efficient production capacity. It is more worth mentioning that our customer support team has provided their excellent assistance and performance on product commissioning, which conducted the project completion smoothly and accurately.

Arcteq supplied products ranging from more advanced line protection to basic feeder protection and bay control unit to this wind power collection station.

The Vietnam government has recently published a power development plan that foresees a tripling of renewable energy production in the next 25 years. According to the planned new capacity, it will solve the current grid overload issues. The plan also addresses the expansion and upgrade of the existing transmission network and investment in new transmission lines and substations by the government.

Hoa Binh Wind farm project has already become an Arcteq landmark project in our Asia Pacific region.  Vietnam is a long and narrow nation, which means power generation from certain renewable energy sources may have to be transmitted across great distances, which means there are obstacles to overcome. It perfectly matches our company value as our mission is to enable a safe and reliable supply of energy by enhancing the power system protection”, concludes regional Sales Manager, Mr. Xiaoming Ni.