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AQ-50 software tools

AQ-50 fault detection devices are accompanied by free-of-charge software tools that make configuring and updating the devices easy.

All AQ-50 devices have a built-in web interface for local and remote access via TCP/IP. The interface allows you to access the device’s status information and configure the device. The Site Manager feature provides real-time information about the devices and facilitates commissioning. You can also use it to update the device firmware and download fault recordings.

With the Device Manager you can manage an entire fleet of installed fault detection devices from a single tool. The Device Mana

ger’s powerful features support both individual and batch firmware updates for the devices in the network. It also scans the devices in the network and presents the results to users for further actions. You can download the Device Manager in the downloads section below.

Read more about our fault detection devices on their product page. See also the various accessories you can add to improve your fault detection even further!

Download the software

You can download the web interface or the Device Manager softwares from the link below. Please note that downloading requires registration, which is also needed to enable the software’s update notice feature.

Documents & software

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Arcteq protects Taiwan’s longest tunnel

Arcteq’s scope of supply includes busbar protection, three winding transformer protection, and Feeder protection IEDs to protect, control, and provide accurate measurements on the tunnel’s power distribution feeders.



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