Arcteq seminar 2023 Vaasa-27

Arcteq aims to grow in the Middle East

Arcteq has a clear strategy to grow in the Middle East markets with help of the local presence in Dubai.

Arcteq is investing in the growing Middle East market, since the company’s protection relay and arc protection solutions fit well into the region’s future grid modernization targets. Arcteq wants to expand its market presence in the Middle East, especially through the Dubai office that was established last year.

“It is very important for us to have a regional office here in the Middle East area. We already had our footprints in the market, and now with the local presence our growth strategy is to focus on GCC countries”, says Mr. Tabish Ismail, the Regional Manager of Arcteq.

The Dubai office will give commercial and technical support also to Arcteq’s channel partners in Turkey, North Africa and the Sub-continent.

“We have started the marketing and approval process with most of the key clients and organized few trainings, presentations and exhibitions, and we have received very positive feedback about our solutions, especially the arc flash protection and mitigation system”, Tabish Ismail continues.

There are already many success stories of Arcteq in the region, and according to Tabish Ismail these are the highlights:

  • Arcteq got approval from few key distribution utilities, and it has now supplied several relays and arc flash protection system in the region to energy utilities as well as to the industrial customers.
  • Arcteq has also focused on special applications like capacitor bank control and protection, AVR for transformer parallel operations etc. as the company’s solution-based approach always helps it to develop special and niche products as per customer requirements.

When talking about the future, Tabish Ismail tells that Arcteq wants to be a reputed and reliable manufacturer of Protection Relays and Arc flash Protection Systems in the region as well as globally.

“We would like to partner with all our customers and create a success story with all major utilities from distribution to transmission and industrial customers”, he adds.

Tabish Ismail has a long experience in protection technology and local markets in the Middle East. Previously he has been working for companies that have roots in Europe & USA. However, working for a Finnish company differs a lot from his earlier experience.

“Working for Arcteq feels like being a part of the Arcteq family, which has a vast background in the Energy business coming from Vaasa – The Energy Capital of Nordics. Our Managing Director Juha Arvola has a clear strategy and a positive approach towards market development which is well demonstrated by our business plans and success stories”, he says.